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Q: Can this be used for aluminum?

Asked by arashazimirad on 2022-01-02 03:06:57

MorfoniosStelios Yes

2022-01-02 06:19:10 Helpful (0)
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MorfoniosStelios Dear friend, what you show me in the photo is a left sided jig and not a right one. But you can ask the seller at B.G.

2021-09-06 07:25:19 Helpful (0)
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MorfoniosStelios No you can not have 6,35 mm Shank to 12,7 mm Collet. But there is an 8 mm Shank to 12,7 Collet. If I understood the question well.

2021-06-25 03:07:18 Helpful (0)
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Q: Hi! If compatible with the Triton routers I will buy this today!?

Asked by BG411144045 on 2021-05-28 09:38:55

MorfoniosStelios I do not know if it works for Triton but there are bases that do for many Routers that you can use for Triton.

2021-05-29 04:57:16 Helpful (1)
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