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Q: Is Batterys includes?

Asked by Fmarcelo on 2021-01-23 06:13:35

labsi Yes good

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Q: Estes sensores são compatíveis com esp32?

Asked by Fmarcelo on 2018-09-21 09:05:06

mastromarco74 Yes, you have to use the 5V tolerant pins on ESP32 or just provide a simple voltage divider with 2 resistors to connect sensor output to ESP32 inputs. Nothing that cannot be done in few minutes. Most of the sensors also work on 3.3V (I have not tested them all) for the other you have to provide proper voltage input. These are great for experiments and learnings!

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Q: Can these sensors be used for ESP32 board?

Asked by Fmarcelo on 2019-06-11 05:56:25

james Ihave used them with ESP32 and had no problems!

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Q: Did anyone buy this keyboard?

Asked by Fmarcelo on 2020-12-21 07:44:52

niklasr I bought a 1pc. It has Holtite, Mill-max kind of pipe sockets for hotswap so switch removing is very tight and need force. Bottom part is made of very thin cheap hollow plastic. Plate is 1.5mm aluminium.

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Q: Hi. Is this an HDMI flat cable?

Asked by Fmarcelo on 2020-08-30 09:21:07

Lord_jen yeah

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Fmarcelo RubensCoutinho, Por favor, qual foi o método de envio que você escolheu?

RubensCoutinho 04/05/2019
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