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MarkMak Very hard to say what the cause may be. Something to check, does it keep buzzing after the power is disconnected? If not it's own battery may be dead which might upset the item. Failing that, they are inexpensive devices, with a finite life-span, so perhaps it has just failed and needs replacing. If it is fairly new you may wish to raise a claim on the seller?

2020-08-24 08:38:43 (0)
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Marcos86 In the hour option press and hold the Screen until the desired option is reached.

2020-06-12 08:57:19 (0)
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2020-04-03 04:46:24 (0)
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: can it useful as amplifier

MohItWaghade 2018-07-15 07:29:23

MarkMak No, it outputs "line level" so must the output from this receiver, must connect to the input of a separate amplifier.

2020-03-30 02:32:01 (0)
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: what is the frequency response?

tiamendes1 2019-04-08 09:26:23

MarkMak Photo of rear of speaker indicates 100Hz to 20KHz

2020-03-30 12:05:23 (0)
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MarkMak Pushing a separate input signal to the module's output should not damage the module provided the other source is line level not headphone/speaker level, but if there is any impedance mismatch or signal level mismatch between the two signal sources, one signal will be much louder than the other. It would be advisable to build a simple signal mixer circuit using two variable resistors, or use a toggle switch to select between inputs, i.e. the BT output of this board, and 3.5 Audio input, routing single output to the Logitech Z-5500

2020-03-29 09:26:10 (0)
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: does this work with all eaching googles

Marvin 2019-02-04 10:17:41

MarkMak Yes,works with mine. If you have an old pair of goggles, you may need to restrict the transmitter to certain frequency bands, but you will generally be OK.

2019-09-17 06:48:58 (0)
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MarkMak Yes,plenty of power in this. 1.4kg thrust on all 4 motors, means you will have plenty of headroom for the FC to use to stabilise.

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emma Exactly I don't know how to describe this feeling, it performs well with a good price, and you can make a conversation by calling.

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