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Q: does this microphone works with sj9 strike camera?

Asked by Adilson José Fiorotti on 2020-06-01 07:40:32

DutchRC @laiqiuting you really don't have to answer when you're CLUELESS... This microphone works on the SJ9 as well..

2020-11-16 06:56:43 Helpful (0)
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Q: Is it a waterproof model or not?

Asked by MitjaB on 2020-11-15 11:45:11

DutchRC Yep.. waterproof.. don't know up to how Deep..

2020-11-15 12:06:04 Helpful (0)
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Q: Why does it cost so damn much it's a simple ass ugly drone

Asked by BG535055742 on 2020-10-28 12:29:39

DutchRC first of it's kind? I had a quad like this 6 years ago

2020-11-10 10:43:06 Helpful (0)
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DutchRC 4.1.6 isn't old at all.. It's actually surprisingly new.. What features of the new version do You need? But YES.. you can update the firmware.

2020-10-29 03:12:44 Helpful (1)
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