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Q: Is better battery or sound of FYE5?

Asked by AXCS on 2019-08-17 04:46:26

emma FYE5 is small, and this one ie new arrival that have different style.

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AXCS I am not knowledgeable on the subject, but the new version has two more speaks to make a sound richer in terms of frequencies emitted. Probably due to the new construction of speaks, I assume that it should consume less, or as they have more acupolated speaks, they had to reduce the power. Another difference of the new is now supports HDMI ARC, the old one has no HDMI input. And instead of having wireless USB input for subwoofer it seems to have a 3.5 jack input, which should allow you to connect any subwoofer. Which do I recommend? I have 60W, and this one now has a lower price, if you don’t want to spend a lot this will work perfectly, as they have most inputs, in theory they should have a more pointed and high volume but not so rich.

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