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Q: How to fly without remote

Asked by RoyD on 2019-08-16 12:29:50

fab69 tie a string to it and whirl it around your head really fast.

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fab69 google translate"Hello I received it but it is defective I have an item that is totally zero I hope to have a follow-up for the warranty thank you"

Christophe Comte 25/03/2019
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Zibberman2003 I think it might be limited because of the Real Flight dongle, if you have a wireless dongle for your transmitter try connecting using that while the RF X dongle is also connected as I know Acuerc does a similar thing.

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fab69 Google Translate "I was looking for PDI-1171MG, they weren't. The 1181MG has exactly the same performance data. But the dimensions are different."

mokris 03/12/2017
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Q: tiger mouth 1400mm is available in Nitro engine

Asked by AJAY on 2019-06-13 08:32:53

fab69 The kit comes with option of Nitro mount or electric, check the downloadable manual for more details

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