Jason Just curious, are those some kind of patch antennas on the right (2nd pic)? if so what kind are they? Thanks

BG133242221 04/02/2021
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Jason durabilitydepends on what you hit and how fast. I smashed into a solid metal pole at about 10 MPH and it snaped an arm off. I would consider that pretty durable since most wouldnt be rippinng with this frame.

BG133248422 01/10/2021
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Jason Instructions:Secure the electronic components and canopy on top of the frame using the provided nylon screws. Optional: Sand edges if desired. There you go =)

mimei 05/09/2021
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Jason Did you fly only on 1s or did you try 2s? I don’t have this whoop but I have the camera, frame , and aio fc. All seem to work just fine on different quads for me.

BenHood12 07/09/2021
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