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Review guidelines

Please avoid posting the following content to prevent your review from being rejected or removed:

  • Offensive or abusive language;
  • Links to other stores or competitors;
  • References to the price paid, due to the fact that our prices are always changing;
  • Questions about orders or products, payment or delivery. Please contact us;
  • Criticism of Banggood's service. Keep the review focused on product attributes, post such a comment on our  contact us;
  • Reviews for products that have already been removed from Banggood;
  • Reviews those are overly simple. Please be informative;
  • Reviews for products you purchased more than 6 months ago;
  • Any personal contact information, like your e-mail address or phone number;
  • Multiple reviews for the same item;


As long as you stick to these guidelines, we will post your reviews, regardless of them being positive or negative.

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